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Colorado Serum | professional biological | western instrument | reagents


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A Colorado Serum family member since July of 2007, Annie is constantly working on improving our production and testing processes. 

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Colorado Serum Company was founded in 1923 and recently entered its fourth generation in family ownership. Specializing in the manufacture of quality USDA-licensed large animal biologicals, Colorado Serum Company’s product line includes Serum Antibodies, Bacterins, Toxoids, Bacterin-Toxoids, Antitoxins, Spore, and Modified Live vaccines.

Professional Biological Company specializes in the manufacture of quality USDA-licensed large animal biologics labeled for and sold exclusively to licensed veterinarians. Products include Brucella Abortus RB-51, Caprine Serum Fraction Immunomodulator, Clostridial Antitoxins & Toxoids, Clostridials with Tetanus, Tetanus Antitoxin & Toxoid, and Normal Equine Serum.

Western Instrument Company manufactures precision engineered veterinary instruments including syringes, dehorners, restraints, O.B. equipment, balling guns, equine dental equipment, and specialty electronic devices just to name a few. Proud to feature products made in the USA.

Colorado Serum Company’s Reagent Division manufactures a line of laboratory reagents, animal blood products (pooled or individual), and tissue culture serums. Custom services include antibody production in specific host animals, antigen protocols, custom bleeding and serum processing, collection of blood into non-typical additives, etc…

Current Vet's Corner: Eastern Equine Encephalitis / Western Equine Encephalitis

Colorado Serum Company - P.O. Box 16428 - Denver, Colorado 80216 - 800/525-2065 or 303/295-7527